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Whether you just purchased your first boat or have owned one for many years, there are boating accessories that you have to own. Before you set sail on your next adventure you should be prepared with all of the important marine supplies. Everything you need for boating, maintenance and repair is easy to obtain if you know where to find all types of marine supplies.

As a boat owner, it can be frustrating trying to find the right supplies in your area. Large retail stores don’t have a full inventory of marine supplies and certainly not specialized products or engine parts. Whether you need a new propeller, a custom seat cover or a great new fishing motor, the best option is to find an online Marine Supplies Store. If you purchase marine supplies at a sporting goods store, the salesperson may not be knowledgeable enough about boats to adequately help you.  If you go online there are many resources and guides to provide you with specific advice about marine products, maintenance and repairs.

One of the most common reasons to visit a marine supplies store is to upgrade your boat. You may want a small accessory to make your experience more enjoyable or may require something more substantial such as a more powerful engine. There are also a large amount of remanufactured products available to boating enthusiasts who want to enhance their boat and outdoor experience. Upgrading your boat is a great option regardless of whether you bought it new or used. It is fun to get all of the latest gear and equipment for your boat. Entertainment items like amplifiers, DVD players and satellite receivers make it so you never want to leave the water. However, at a bare minimum, your boat should be equipped with the following marine supplies:


  • Life jackets — one for each person and should be readily accessible
  • Lifesling or throwable flotation
  • Horn or sound producing device
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Flares or other visual distress signals
  • VHF marine band radio
  • An anchor and rode
  • GPS unit
  • Length of nylon line for a towline (75′ x 1/2″)
  • Extra lubricating oil
  • Local charts and maps
  • Logbook



Routine maintenance is something every responsible boat owner should perform. Cleaning, painting, changing the oil, checking the operating parts and winterizing are all part of owning a boat. Regular maintenance isn’t difficult and will prevent costly repairs in the future. The best maintenance, repair and winterizing supplies can also be found online for your convenience. Keep your boat looking good and take care of it and you can enjoy it for many years to come.


You can easily find everything you are looking for at our Marine Supplies Store. We supply everything from marine hardware, marine instruments and navigation, safety equipment and more. For a complete line of all the marine supplies you need for your boat, please visit Marinewaze. We are located at 45 Bay 28th Street # B6, Brooklyn, New York 11214 and can be reached at 1 800-201-1221.

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